Fuel Tank - New Office Space

Our Address will be:

Studio A102, Fuel Tank, 8-12 Creekside,

London SE8 3DX

You can find us here:

From 14th May 2019 THDP will be moving offices into the FUEL TANK, a new and exciting office space and part of the Workspace Group’s offices in London.

The Fuel Tank used to be a Carburetor factory, and was lovingly restored in 2018 and made into a creative hub of 62 studios for artists, designers, architects and creative types like us.

Our new studio was chosen to inspire our team in their creative endeavors.  It’s a large open planned studio with double height girdered ceiling filling the space with natural daylight. 

The Fuel Tank has break out spaces, a fab open-air courtyard-hub to mingle in, boardroom meeting areas and most important ‘The Valve’ on-site Bar (pictured). 

We look forward to our move and to meeting you there soon – we’ll arrange a ‘studio’ warming sometime early in June we promise – a time to meet up with suppliers and other professionals we hope!

The Valve Bar

The Valve Bar


Opening event Hilton Milan Hotel Lobby

Big night for THDP in Milan on the 16th June, the new lobby was revealed. THDP was there the day before to help setting out the last details and the artworks.

The  Concept 45 F&B concept by chef Paolo Ghirardi was launched, presented by Maurizio Di Maggio from Radio Montecarlo, which gave a summer vibe to the event.

The offering table representing Milan design with Driade and Kartell vases and biscuits by Chef Paolo Ghirardi.

The offering table representing Milan design with Driade and Kartell vases and biscuits by Chef Paolo Ghirardi.


Manuela Mannino with RMC dj Maurizio Di Maggio

The lobby refurbishment is a landmark for the new Hilton Worldwide Lobby Concept and design direction, taking the brand to a future where the guest is the focus of the lobby experience, with relaxing , dining, working informally as well as have that end of day drink are all catered for. 

Here in Milan, inspiration was taken from design tradition, of famous architects and the fashion world. The lobby is an architecture inside an architecture, the guest enters a formal and yet welcoming space, like the "portici" of a stroll in the centre or the Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The gallery lobby space is a place to catch one's breath to slow down and relax. The interior design of this space are the shelves, which serve as screen to give privacy to the dining and hearth area.

Objet de Curiosité a decoration concept based on Milan lifestyle, in collaboration with Valentina Mariani and Milano Vintage Week.

Objet de Curiosité a decoration concept based on Milan lifestyle, in collaboration with Valentina Mariani and Milano Vintage Week.

Despite the party, guest relation didn't lose their cool.

Despite the party, guest relation didn't lose their cool.


Elle Decor June 2016

The THDP project transforms the hotel in Via Galvani in a boutique hotel in the name of functionality, comfort and networking.

A new design hotel in Milan : the historic Hilton Hotel Via Galvani was recently redesigned from the study Anglo-Italian THDP, composed of Manuela Mannino and Nicholas Hickson, from London.

Hilton Milan Lobby

The goal? 

Bring Corporate Hotellerie towards its own design concept of the Boutique Hotel. 

We think we met them with this project.

What is the renovation of the Hotel, and what changes were made?

We have already renewed the rooms and corridors, and then the lobby. We have equipped it to a new dining space, which welcomes guests into an aesthetically beautiful environment but above all friendly and functionally flexible with suitable spaces for relaxation, socializing and networking, whether for business or pleasure.

Compared to before, the space is open and visible from the outside, is this a sign of openness to the city?

Certainly yes. The lobby concept is derived from the direction provided by Hilton Worldwide to create spaces ready for the future, in which the host and the city are the protagonists and in which the hotel expresses a genuine bond with the fabric and urban history.

A Hotel which speaks of Milan ...

The choice of colors, materials and fabrics comes from the city and the urban context in which the hotel is located, and whose strong vocation for fashion, art, design and architecture make it a unique place in the world. The materials are based on the traditional Italian marble, travertine, stucco. Fruit of craftsmanship that wants to be explicitly represented, as a strong symbol of Italian design and tradition.

Italy is also food and catering...

Exactly, and the restructuring was also the occasion for the launch of the new space Dining Lounge Concept45, with menu 'created by chef Paolo Ghirardi, inspired by the cuisine of the regions crossed by the 45th parallel.

The transition from Corporate Hotel in living space is immediately evident. How did you get this?

Of course, with the attention to detail. At the center of the lobby we placed a table set up with fruit, cookies and beverages to accommodate guests arriving or departing, presented at Kartell and Driade vessels. Around the gallery they are placed the bar and the dining rooms on one side and the hearth area, which in English is the coating stone used around the fireplace, on the other: an intimate and relaxing space, with a spectacular fireplace, furnished with sofas and soft ottoman and made ven more welcoming by the spread of steam aromas. In the library and in the bar there are two great works of art dedicated to the La Scala Opera House, and on the shelves a number of display cases with the theme "Objets de Curiosite" contains objects vintage-inspired Milan fashion.

The space that was dedicated to the business center has been turned into a reading area. And even here the choice of elements of Italian design is clear, especially in lighting. Which companies have chosen?
We designed an oval table on which has a suspended chandelier above also by Vico Magistretti, is the gold Atollo, this classic welcome the guests at the reception desks. The companies chosen to illuminate the environments are all Italian, from Guzzini to Italamp, and Nemo Lighting.

A very big thanks to Valentina Mariani !

Miami Sleepover May 2016

Miami Art-Deco District

Miami Art-Deco District

A big thanks to Matt & Amy at Sleeper Magazine for an amazing event organised in Miami - The Miami Sleepover.  

Hosted at the Haddon Hall Hotel on Collins Avenue in the very cool Art-Deco District in Miami, with visits to a number of hot hotels, the design district and the Wynwood Walls project a few minutes from Downtown Miami.  

Hotels with guided tour included the Miami Beach Edition Hotel, The Confidante, 1 Hotel South Beach, The East Hotel - all amazing hotels.

Here are some photos of the event - we can't wait till next years event in Barcelano -see you there!

We're going to Miami

We're going to Miami

Sleepover is an innovative, invitation-only, networking event for the hotel industry.

For each event a select group of hotel owners, developers, operators, architects, designers and consultants gather in a different city to experience an overnight stay in an exciting new hotel.

Each Sleepover is unique, with a bespoke programme created to reflect the host city.