Super Talk at London Design Fair

As part of the Super Talks event during London Design Festival join us on Friday 23rd September 2016, 09.30 – 10.45 am, for a conversation around experimental collaborations. Highly respected professionals from design and architecture, including Lester Korzilius, Fellow of The American Institute of Architects, Manuela Mannino, Architect and Marc Viardot, Laufen Director Marketing and Products will take to the stage for a thought provoking panel discussion moderated by Vanessa Brady OBE.esign Prize Switzerland and Swiss bathroom expert brand LAUFEN invite you to join a conversation around experimental collaborations.

Radical innovations require experimental space and freedom. Estranged from the known, explore the unknown. Combine the learning and expertise into creativeness that evolves as the new otherness. 

Collaborations between the industry, institutions and creative individuals have been part of a long-standing tradition in Switzerland. The right constellation of collaborations is a pivotal factor to make an impact on culture, society, environment and economy, by making new design solutions truly accessible in the market.

Manuela Mannino has been invited to be part of the panel to share her committment with the Chelsea College of Arts. Manuela and Nick have created and wrote a series of courses for young professionals who would like to work on hospitality design. Rather than focusing on conceptual content, the courses are practical, dinamic and fast paced to inspire the students with different activities from showroom visits, to hotel private tours and inspirational guest speakers. The course finally invites the students to remain alert, to think and to be informed when selecting and designing for hotel projects.