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Some great news - from the 14th May THDP will be based at the FUEL TANK - Workspace Group’s new creative hub in Creekside - we can’t wait to see you there.

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Creating remarkable Hotels

"We might be known as designers but we rarely just design. We are creators".  Nicholas Hickson Partner

We are creators of the exceptional.  We create enduring concepts which evolve into compelling hotels. We create captivating spaces and extraordinary adventures for guests.  We create beautiful hotels that thrive on their local culture and heritage.  We create intelligent interiors, planning every detail and designing from first principles to be profitable.  Welcoming to the guest, and inspiring their loyalty. Sustainable and successful. 

We are organisers, planners, developers and managers - inspiring through our professionalism and experience, team unity and trust. We are decision makers and risk takers, defying the ordinary and delivering the outstanding.  

We are award winning.

not just designers but creators

Feature Project:

Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

Aurt restaurant & new lobby opens February 2019

Aürt in Catalan means punch. This was the simple yet compelling briefing and concept by gifted young chef Artur Martinez a 1* Michelin chef from the region. His food is a profound encounter with proximity and simplicity, it’s an intense gastronomic hit, the main ingredient being emotion. There’s a genuine honesty in every dish that are meticulously prepared right in front of the guest's eyes.

Preparing such a setting was the challenge for THDP where right in the lobby we were asked not to place just the restaurant but the preparation kitchen itself. Never had such an undertaking been made, and it was not a small feat to blend the requirements of a busy working lobby with those of a fully working kitchen.

Aurt Restaurant - Aurt means Punch

The solution came with the specification by THDP of an external cladding of the kitchen with a think layer of Neolith, a Spanish made 6mm Sintered Stone which encases the technical equipment and allows the kitchen to visually recede whilst losing none of its functionality.

Pared back, with simple forms creating a visual ‘punch’ this was our design concept from the outset. However simple rarely means easy, as we learnt crafting each piece and tending to the exact requirements of Artur’s team and those of the hotel’s guests.

Finally, here then is a restaurant where traditions are told and fables unfold, an exclusive and unique setting limited to just 15 diners.


Mai Bar - Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona


The lobby area too was to receive an update and to visually tie in whilst develop the visual simplicity of the Aurt Restaurant. Free here to add more colour - the forms are still oblique, challenging yet for a visual dance for the guest. Screening allow THDP to divide the space into different areas, drinking, waiting and chatting zones. The upholstery is relaxed, colourful and playful with touches of local fabrics and forms.


In June 2016 THDP started working on Interior Design of part of the guest accommodation for the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona - Spain.  Now in 2019 we have completed the final area of the hotel, the reception and new lobby restaurant.

Barcelona is cradled in the North Eastern Mediterranean coast of mainland Spain.  The capital of Catalunya, and a region of Northern Spain that has its own unique culture, traditions and personality.  Few European cities can offer you the wide diversity of cultural experience, of cuisine, art, architecture coupled with 4.2km of beautiful beaches & sunshine for most of year.

Barcelona is home to masterpieces of many great artists and architects. The most famous being Antoni Gaudí who's work is admired around the World as being one of the most unique and distinctive styles in modern architecture.



THDP Award Winning Italian & UK designers.

with our heart in Italy - and offices in London.

The Hickson Design Partnership is a UK & Italian, Architecture and Interior Design practice specialising in; hospitality, high end residential projects, product design & also creative product consultancy. 

THDP was established in 2004 by partners Nicholas Hickson and Manuela Mannino their goal to bring together some of Britain’s & Italy’s diverse design talents and to serve the most prestigious International clients.

THDP was founded when we were commissioned to undertake the interior design for the Olympic Hotel Project ‘Pragelato Village Resort and Spa’ in Italy.  The resort was already partly under construction and was to be the only Five Star resort of its kind in the Italian Alps with its own Alpine Spa.  The resort opened for 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

Since then THDP have gone on to design many other hotels and residential interiors in; Italy, Poland, Russia, Israel, France and the United Kingdom.

Manuela is now Tutor at the Chelsea College of Arts for their Hotel Interior Design Short Course, an appointment that has stimulated our office, and engaged us with upcoming trends, hotels owners and operators.



CREATIVE approach

Our approach springs from an endless creative curiosity.  

We are a multidisciplinary company, equally comfortable engaging in the planning, consulting, creating and developing as well as the execution of both Interior and Architectural projects. By providing customised client led solutions and a progressive approach, our creative team aims to be flexible able to react to the different demands of our diverse client base.

We offer a diverse range of services to clients in major hospitality businesses, developers and private clients.  Our aim is to develop a creative partnership between the client and the designer, forging visionary project.

THDP is responsible for ethical selection of materials and suppliers, directly involved in the selection, quality and budget control and of the project through its life.


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