The story of resinflex

Since 1947 Resinflex has been producing coated fabrics for Hospitality, Marine, Office, Retail & Private clients throughout the World.

In the early 50 the architect Carlo Mollino used Resinfkex coverings for his chairs and sofas including his famous 'Lisa' chair. 

Gio Ponti used Resinflex for chairs manufactured by Cassina and in the hotel room at the IX Triennale.  Since the 50's it was Resinflex that covered the flagships of the Italian fleets of Michelangelo and Raphael, and for the lining of the seats of the mythical Riva boats. 

Today Resinlfex boasts an extensive portfolio of technical materials in the fields of artificial leathers that the architectural coatings industry being all PU based

THDP were commissioned to produce a NEW CONTRACTORS COLLECTION INSPIRED by its marine heritage our concept was:

WHITE LIGHT - the reflective light off water.

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