Our story is the power of ideas.

The sixties were a creative wave.  A direct result of the sudden diffusion of mass media, where, through the potential of radio, television, film, the new ‘pop’ music, and International News were finally in everyone’s living room.  Surely although no-one knew it, this is when information technology really began.

It was the decade which saw ‘availability’ as a new norm, and a possibility for a new culture like never before.  Finally shrugging of the austerity of the post war years, rationing finishing only 4 years earlier, this was the decade where you could not just get it – but you could have it all.

Commercial air travel brought cheap holidays to the masses, cultural ideas from one country were breaking out in another, the impact of this cultural ‘ideas’ explosion was everywhere. 

In particular the Italian style was not just something to enjoy on your holiday but was actively influencing London style.  With its Café & Bar Culture, fashion and architectural and furniture design.   Suddenly Italy was everywhere in London & London was everywhere in Italy.




Our project utilizes contemporary pieces clearly influenced and re-interpreting the styling of the sixties.  The palette reflecting the black and white media of the day, and the monochromatic ‘brushstroke’ series from Lichtenstein.  Bringing together an International collection of companies and products, we promote; certified quality, original design, research and technology in every project and the selection that we’ve made for the Sleep Event 2013 project reflects our working ethos.

The space is created as a flowing circle connected through four function areas:

relax and rest area.
social and dining.
dressing and grooming.
cleansing and conditioning.