Fashion is not just about style, Sport is not just about health.  Sport is now about the desire for effortless style, a toned body and personal tranquility.

Imagine a hotel owned and or managed by a leading Fashion Sportswear Brand, a hotel dedicated to Sport fashion.  

Sporthotel embodies everything that the brand represents: mind, body, wellbeing and lifestyle.  Our Interior Design links fashion and sport, with Spa, Health Club and almost every sporting facility for toning the body and calming the mind.

Sporthotel is the destination to re-discover the beauty that surrounds us, and maybe to rediscover oneself.



Sporthotel has flexible spaces which are enveloping and stimulating yet embrace the outdoors. The communal areas are informal and relaxed, serving organic food and drinks for eco-sensitive travellers looking for discreet luxury.

The Hickson Design Partnership proposes to reproduce Sporthotel Suite for β€˜Sia Guest 2007’.  The concept will bring together leading hospitality manufacturers, being faithful to their history and identity, but also expressing their design, quality and brand communication.

An essential theme of the present time; sporting lifestyle combined with social occasion.  The hotel becomes the place, not simply to stay, but more of the destination for sport&fashion weekends, holidays and also destination of an inner journey.